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About us
Shanghai Runping Textile Clothing Co., Ltd.

Founded in March 2013, Shanghai Runping Textile Apparel Co., Ltd. is an independent legal entity and a production and sales company. The products are also sold overseas. The registered capital of the company is 5 million yuan. The company is established according to the law of market economy operation, realizing the modern enterprise management mode and providing better services for the hospital. The company's business projects include: needle textiles, garment production and sales, detergents, stationery, department stores, medical equipment, electrical equipment, computers and accessories, digital products, medical clothing, office furniture, construction hardware, hardware tools, printed matter, office supplies The mining, supply, sales, and other services of materials. The company is located in the ecological island of Chongming Island.
       Companies adhering to the "integrity-based, quality first, service-oriented" concept, and continuously improve the quality of products, to provide hospitals with more and more efficient, high-quality, personalized services for their reference and choice, but also Form a quick response system for delivery orders. The company aims to create a first-class product quality and customer satisfaction.


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Shanghai Runping Textile Clothing Co., Ltd.
Contact: Shen Jian
Contact number: 15921439931
Tel/Fax: 021-69620596
Website: www.acreolecottage.com
Email: runningping88@163.com
Factory Address: No. 800, West of Limin Village, Chengqiao Town, Chongming District, Shanghai


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